Vision, Mission, Values & Objectives

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"To be the Leading Pan-African Open, Distance and eLearning Network"


"To facilitate the use of effective Open, Distance and eLearning in African institutions of tertiary education"


Core Values

The AVU will facilitate increased access to tertiary education in Africa professionally, passionately and efficiently. The AVU will achieve its mission in partnership with member countries, partner institutions and partners that support its mission.  The AVU recognizes and encourage staff to be honest, trustworthy and respectful.


Strategic Objectives

  1. Increase access to tertiary and continuing  education in Africa by reaching large numbers of students and professionals in multiple sites simultaneously
  2. To increase  access to  higher quality Open, Distance  and  eLearning (ODeL) resources  that are relevant to Africa
  3. To enhance the capacity of African tertiary educational institutions
  4. To enhance and sustain a network of Partner Institutions
  5. To build and sustain  partnerships with institutions that can support the African Virtual University Mission
  6. To carry out research and evaluation activities on the African Continent
  7. To build and sustain a committed and effective African Virtual University organization
  8. To develop and implement a fund raising strategy in support of all of the above objectives with focus on African Governments, the Private Sector and International Organizations