ELE 3101: ICT Basic Skills 3 - Intermediate (3 Credits)


Course Description

Mode of Delivery:
Face-to-face at eLearning Centers/Open Distance and eLearning Centers

I. Rationale

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have over the years become indispensable management and communication tools. At the global level, the use of ICTs has become so central that the definition of literacy has become expanded beyond basic reading and writing skills to include the ability to use ICTs in almost all activities. This is the third in the collection of ICT course modules, which relates to the ability to use numeric data, database management, and presentation tools in educational communication. Spreadsheets and database management tools make it possible to manage teaching as well as other classroom elements, such as class lists and facilities. At school level the tools would be useful in the management of school resources. Presentation tools are a flexible way of making classroom and seminar illustrations. The main purpose of this course module, therefore, is to equip one with basic computer skills relating numerical data, database management and presentations.

2. Prerequisite or Knowledge


  • ELE 1101: ICT Basic Skills 1
  • ELE 1201: ICT Basic Skills 2

3. General Objectives

By the end of this module you should be able to use:


  • A numeric productivity tool (e.g. Microsoft Excel) as part of effective educational communication and the design of teaching and learning materials.
  • A database management tool (e.g. Microsoft Access) as part of educational resources management system.
  • A graphic productivity tool (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint) as part of effective educational communication and the instructional design of teaching and learning materials.

4. Time

You will need to spend not less than 120 hours on this module

5. Materials

In order to follow this course, you will need the following materials:

  • A computer
  • Spreadsheet application software (for example Microsoft Excel)
  • Database management application software (for example Microsoft Access)
  • A presentation application software (for example Microsoft PowerPoint)