EDU 4101: Introduction to Guidance and Counselling


Mode of Delivery:

  • Online
  • Blended mode: mixed online and face-to -face
  • Face-to-Face

1. Rationale

This module has been designed with the fullest understanding of the important role you are going to ply in schools and community as a whole. This module has been written to enable you to assist the young people in schools to develop values and life orientations which will guide them to become mature mentally, physically, emotionally, accept, and look at themselves in context of responsibilities, duties and as members of one united family and of a wider community and thereafter live in harmony with all members of society.

In the same vein, the module has been written to enable you to play another very important part in as far as the career aspirations and visions of the learners in schools are concerned. Through the knowledge and skills you are going to acquire from the module, it is expected that you are going to prepare these young people for occupational life, make them strive for higher standards of performance in workplace; and develop great sense of appreciation for work and respect for what
work other people may be doing.

The module is further expected to assist you in identifying the talents and potentialities learners have; and thereafter assist them develop these talents and/or potentialities. The same is also true for identifying the strengths and weaknesses that the students may have. For example in overcoming or adjusting to disabilities. Finally, it is paramount that you play a big part in giving young people sense over the utilization of their leisure time and energy profitably as they grow up while still in schools.

2. Prerequisite or knowledge

Module Two and Module Three

3. General objectives

The General Objectives for the Introduction to Guidance and Counseling are:

  • To enable teachers improve their school environment by identifying preventive methods and solutions to problems faced by them or groups of students.
  • To enable apply the principles of Guidance and Counseling to improve the performances of students in t heir academic pursuits or endeavors.

4. Time

In this Module Four, there are four units. Each unit has been allotted a number of hours for you need to complete it. A total of 120 hours is needed for you to successfully complete the module.

Unit 1: 30 hours.
Unit 2: 30 hours.
Unit 3: 30 hours.
Unit 4: 30 hours.

5. Materials
For you to be comfortable and effective in reading through this module, the following items are important for you to have them. You should endeavor to make full use of them in your study:

  • Internet connection/e-mail connectivity
  • Electronic recorder or a simple recorder Audio-cassettes
  • Flash disk for downloading relevant materials from the Internet
  • A printer
  • Note books or writing pads for taking down points
  • Pens and pencils
  • A study room for private reading
  • Adequate or reliable source of lighting 
  • A mobile phone.