Applied Computer Science Program

Applied Computer Science Program

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Mode of Delivery

  • Mixed mode: online and face-to-face through the Open and Distance eLearning Center in Partner institutions
  • Face-to-face or using in Partner Institutions

Content of the program

General Education

ADM 1100 Communication skills and team building
MAT 2101  Research methods
ADM 1101  Principles of business management
ADM 1102 Entrepreneurship
ADM 1103 e-Business
ITI 1100 Information and society
LIN 1100 Foreign language

Basic Computing

CSI 1100  Introduction to applied computing


MAT 1101 Differential and integral calculus
MAT 1102 Introduction to statistics and probability
MAT 1103 Linear algebra
MAT 3100 Operations research

Algorithms and Complexity

ITI 2100 Data structures and algorithms
ITI 3100 Algorithms design and analysis

Architecture and Organization

CSI 2100 Fundamentals of computer organization and architecture
CSI 3100 Advanced computer organization and architecture
CSI 2101 Digital electronics

Operating Systems
CSI 3101 Introduction to operating systems
CSI 4100 Operating systems administration

Networking and Communication

CSI 2102 Data communications and computer networks
CSI 5100 Network administration


CSI 1104 Principles of programming
CSI 2103 Introduction to structured programming
CSI 3102 Introduction to object-oriented programming
CSI 4101 Systems programming
ITI 4100 Mobile applications

Human-Computer Interaction

CSI 4102 Human computer interaction

Computer Graphics

CSI 4103 Computer graphics

Social and Professional Issues

ITI 1101 Computing and society

Information Management

ITI 4101 Information retrieval
ITI 4102 Data warehousing and mining

ITI 403 Modelling and simulation

Information Assurance and Security

CSI 3103 Introduction to computer security
CSI 4104 Advanced computer security (include cryptography and network security)

Distributed Computing

ITI 4104 Grid and cloud computing
CSI 5101 Mobile and wireless computing

Software Engineering

CSI 4105 Software engineering
CSI 1105 Computing project management
CSI 3104 Object-oriented analysis and design
CSI 5102 Software quality assurance

Web and Internet Technologies

ITI 4105 Fundamentals of web technologies and internet programming
ITI 4106 Multimedia tools and applications

Database Systems

CSI 3105 Principles of database systems
CSI 4106 Advanced database systems

Artificial intelligence

CSI 3106 Artificial intelligence


ITI 1102 Emerging technologies in Applied Computer Science