Bachelor of Education in Biology

Bachelor of Education in Biology

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With focus on Integration of ICTs in Biology

This program is offered only as a Teacher Education Consortium Program

Overall Objectives of the Consortium Program

By the end of the program, the student will be able to acquire/understand:

  1. Both the breadth and depth of understanding necessary to teach Biology to Secondary School Students
  2. Techno-pedagogical competencies, allowing them to better use technology during lesson-planning, research, communication, problem-solving, professional development and to, in turn, facilitate their student’s use of ICT as a learning tool
  3. Major concepts and assumptions of Biology, and relate it to technology and society
  4. Principles of Biology and create learning experiences that make these aspects of the subject matter meaningful to students.
  5. Relationship between teaching and learning, and create experiences that maximize learning among students.
  6. Interaction of curriculum and instruction, and plan lessons based upon knowledge of subject matter, available technology and curricula, and curriculum goals.
  7. Standard and alternative assessment strategies, and use them to evaluate knowledge, skills, and dispositions to ensure the continuous intellectual and social development of the student.
  8. Meaning of life-long learning, and foster relationships with colleagues and agencies in the larger community to develop professionally

Who can take this program?

  • Pre-service teachers for secondary schools
  • Unqualified secondary schools teachers, who earned a Bachelor Degree in Biology, but who do not   have qualification in pedagogy and other Teacher Education professional courses

Mode of Delivery

  • Mixed mode: online and face-to-face through the Open and Distance eLearning Center in Partner institutions
  • Face-to-face or using in Partner Institutions

Content of the program


BIO 1101 Diversity of Algae and Plants
BIO 1102 Diversity of Animals

BIO 2101 Cell Biology and Genetics
BIO 2102 Evolution

BIO 3101 Ecology and Environment
BIO 3102 Plant and Animal physiology
BIO 3103 Microbiology and Mycology


ELE 1101 ICT Basic Skills 1
ELE 2101 ICT Basic Skills 2
ELE 3101 ICT Basic Skills 3 – Intermediate
ELE 4101 ICT Advanced Skills
ELA 1102 ICT Integration in Biology


EDU 1101 History of Education
EDU 1102 Comparative Education
EDU 1103 Philosophy of Education
EDU 1104 Introduction to General Psychology
EDU 1105 Developmental Psychology

EDU 2101 Curriculum Studies
EDU 2102 Teaching Methodology
EDU 2103 Classroom Management and Supervision
EDU 2104 Educational Communication
EDU 2105 Learning Psychology

EDU 3101 Educational Evaluation and Testing
EDU 3102 Educational Management
EDU 3103 Educational Research
EDU 3104 Reflective Teaching

EDU 4101 Introduction to Guidance and Counselling
EDU 4102 Special Needs Education
EDU 4103 Contemporary Issues in Education
EDU 4104 Sociology of Education
EDU 4105 Management of School Educational Resources