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ISSUE No: 6613
February 15, 2018

AVU policy briefs constitute official scholarly publications of the AVU and are helpful to researchers, university academics, policymakers, university administrators, ministries of education, national regulatory authorities and practitioners seeking to make sense of the challenges and emerging opportunities afforded by ICT and ODeL in addressing the persistent issues of expanding access, improving quality and relevance of higher education and training in Africa.

Open Access Publishing: The AVU Online Journal

Open access publishing is an alternative publishing and distribution model that makes scholarly research literature—most of which is already funded by taxpayers around the world—freely available to the public online, without restrictions. Harnessing the power of the internet, open access brings the results of academic research to unprecedented numbers of scientists, university professors, medical researchers, patients, inventors, students, and others (OSF 2014). Read more about this in the AVU Policy Brief no. 2017-58 at (Read More)

Digital publishing at the African Virtual University: Creating more opportunities for scholarly publishing for African ODeL researchers and implications for policy-making

Since the integration of Open, Distance and eLearning (ODeL) into mainstream educational landscape in Africa in the 1990s, its impact on learning and teaching processes and environments is still a relatively unknown territory. This is why AVU’s initiative to establish a scholarly journal solely dedicated to research on ODeL is a welcome development for accomplished and emerging researchers on the topic in Africa. Read more about this in the AVU Policy Brief no. 2016-14 at (Read More)

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