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December 21, 2017
ICDE Survey

Dear colleague,

We are currently carrying out a study on how universities and colleges across the globe are harnessing digital technologies to improve teaching and learning. We are approaching you now, as we need your support in the final phase of this study.

The study is particularly focussed on developing typologies in two areas:

–          Utilising flexibility and openness in content development, learning delivery and learning recognition

–          Developing specific business strategies, which aim to change the higher education business model and/or the relationship between the higher education provider and students

The typologies have been developed using case analysis and it is expected that these will help any higher education provider find orientation regarding how they fit into the higher education landscape of other providers. These typologies therefore offer both benchmarks and starting points for peer learning between higher education providers.

At present our analysis is based on 50 cases from across the globe, but we have some regions of the world, which are underrepresented in the data set and we hope you can help us here. The underrepresented regions are: Africa, Oceania and South and Latin America.

We would like to ask you or another person in a senior management position to fill out the survey for your institution. Additionally, perhaps you could recommend other institutions in your region, which might also be prepared to support us.

The survey is available here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/OOFATGENERAL , but can also be provided on direct request in a paper version, if this is easier.

Furthermore, we are happy to provide guidance per email or Skype (or similar) on responding to the survey questions. Please request this support directly from the project leader Dr. Dominic Orr on [email protected]

Deadline: we would grateful for a first response on 1) whether you can provide information for your institution and 2) whether you can recommend further institutions by 15 December or sooner.

We would like to thank you for your support of our study, which we are convinced will help higher education providers across the world find orientation in their implementation of digital technologies in higher education.

Best wishes for the festival season

Dominic Orr

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