Multinational project 2

1. Multinational Project Phase II

The AVU is now implementing a second phase of the Multinational Project which builds on the first phase by extending the benefits to more countries. The overall objective of the AVU Multinational Project II is to continue to strengthen the capacity of the AVU and a network of 27 institutions to develop, deliver and manage quality ICT integrated programs in 21 African countries. The project has the following activities:

  • establishment and upgrading of distance and eLearning infrastructure
  • development and improvement of programs for elearning in: Teacher Education with focus on mathematics and sciences; Computer Science; and Peace and Conflict Resolution.
  • promotion and development of Open Education Resources (OERs)
  • training of trainers in elearning methodologies
  • gender Mainstreaming mainly by awarding scholarships to female students in mathematics and science disciplines
  • research and development with a focus on Mobile Learning
  • technical assistance to countries on distance and elearning policies and strategies


The project Enhancing Energy Accessibility & Efficiency (ENRICH) seeks to establish sustainable STI Support National Networks with a regional dimension in East Africa.

The project’s objective is to strengthen STI co-operation in East Africa (EA) countries by promoting operational and effective management of research and innovation activities with a special focus on energy access and efficiency.

ENRICH Project is financed by the European Commission on the framework of the ACP-EU Co-operation Program in Science and Technology (S&T II).


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3. On-going Research Studies

  • The AVU is currently undertaking a study entitled, “Assessing the impact of OERs in sub-Saharan Africa: The case of an ICT-integrated multinational teacher education program in math and science. This is one of many studies on the impact of open education resources in the global south. The impact studies are being led by Wawasan University, Malaysia under the umbrella of Research on Educational Resources for Development (ROER4D) and funded by IDRC.


  • UNESCO IITE: The AVU is currently undertaking a study entitled, the Status of Open Education Resources in Kenya, commissioned by UNESCO IITE.

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