Renewable Energy – Option Heat Production

Renewable Energy – Option Heat Production

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Overall Objectives

Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  1. Estimate the energetic requirements of a site.
  2. Size a solar thermal system.
  3. Install and run a solar thermal system.
  4. Ensure the control and maintenance of an installed solar thermal system.
  5. Produce biomass energy.
  6. Convert biomass energy into heat.
  7. Understand the political stake of the Renewable Energies.

Who can take this program?

This course is intended for professionals who are already working in the field of Renewable Energy and who need to enhance their capacities and students who wish to be specialised and start a career in that field. The program will train technicians in charge of installing and do the maintenance (preventive and curative) of solar thermal systems and producing heat through biomass.
Mode of Delivery

This program is designed to be delivered in using a blended mode (online and face-to-face):

  1. Online Delivery
  2. Face-to-face (practicals in laboratories